Denton and Sasquatch Podcast

Delving into the world of podcast communication, and finding it to be very fun. In this podcast, Sasquatch and I discuss the insanity going on in today's centers for higher education. My advice to parents?  Save the money and don't send your children off to the centers for re-education and propaganda-indoctrination.  Else wise, your kids might turn into white-hating, God-hating Marxists who don't even know the correct meaning of common terms and words. Sasquatch also asks for some advice on how to handle what appears to be brewing office drama.  Moral chaos on the horizon between co-workers.  Get involved and try to head the situation off at the pass, or keep your head low and try not to get caught in the crossfire or the backlash? Want to contact Sas and give him advice, or do you want to just contact us and tell us what you think of our show? Email us at The show:

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