Satan, Laughing With Delight in Oakland

The Oakland Ghost Ship burned.  Thirty-six human lives went down in flames with the ship.  Young, confused lives were lost; lives who had no idea that when they went into the Ghost Ship for a rave, they'd never come out.  The fortunate among them died from smoke and fume inhalation.  The less fortunate felt the searing pain of heat as they died.  Either way, those lives left the physical realm, forever. I decided to search for the Oakland Ghost Ship to get an idea what sort of place it was where thirty-six young people died.  I found the website, and it was nothing but pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures found on the Ghost Ship website wrote a horror story. God was not to be found there, that is for sure.  Satan, on the other hand, was well represented. The images found on the website were disturbing for this middle aged, Southern boy.  The occult is glorified, death is romanced, but there is one image that I noticed time and again; the image of Kali was a recurring theme.  The Hindu goddess of destruction. The Los Angeles Times has a page dedicated to those who have been identified as victims of the Ghost Ship.  They were young.  They were energetic. They were following their own way.  They were lost.  They died in a building that appeared to be dedicated to not just the occult, but to Kali, the goddess of sexuality, violence and death. Click on the link in the link in the above paragraph.  Read the small stories written about those who have been identified.  The first two stories are stories of transgenders who died in flames.  Click through, and then come back to this page.  I'll wait.  Did you cry?  Did you break down and pray to God to stop it all?  Did you beg Him to intervene in all this?  Did you visualize where these lost souls were going to spend eternity and wish there were some way the laws of time and space could be rewritten so that these doomed souls could have another shot at figuring it all out?  If you answered no to any of the above, you are more screwed up than I am.  Trust me; that makes you pretty screwed up. Did you ever stop to think about how long the average human has to figure things out?  After the Great Flood, God pro promised us about seventy years on Earth.  Our Enemy, on the other hand, has been here as long we have been here.  He hates us.  He hates us with every ounce of his being because God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, so that every one who calls out His name shall be saved. The Almighty created angels, among which was Lucifer.  The angels were not afforded free will as we humans were.  For Satan, formerly known as Lucifer, it was all or nothing. Lucifer figured he was as good as God, so he led a rebellion against his Creator.  He lost.  So who does Satan target for his angst?  Humans, of course. Who do you think is the originator of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam?  Why do you think that, while there are are similarities, they are very different from Christianity?  It's simple.  All Satan (formerly Lucifer) has to do is lead a human away from Jesus.  That's all.  The human can be kind, loving and gentle, but if the human dies without Jesus as his savior, he might as well been a mass murderer. Those poor, lot souls thought there'd be another, bright morning waiting for them.  They were wrong.  The only thing waiting for  them is Judgement Day.  Had their days not been cut short, things might have been different.  Maybe not, I don't know. You know what I do know?  Thirty-six souls were separated from their bodies, and Satan laughed.  Are you crying?  If not, I'll cry and pray for you.  After all, their fate is sealed, and yours isn't looking so good. Kali will burn in Hell. Don't be there with it.  If you are reading this, there is hope.

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