Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman to Look Forward?

The notion of Keith Ellison being selected as the DNC chairman seems to be riling up some Democrats.  I can understand.  Keith Ellison, a representative from Minnesota, is a Muslim, a socialist, a hater of Israel, a lover of HAMAS, and by judging him by his own words,  a racist.  Mr. Ellison is not someone who represents me or my way of thinking, but it doesn't matter as I am not one of his constituents and I am not a member of the Democrat party.  Still, could it be that Keith Ellison is the right man to be the DNC chairman?  Could it be that he represents the future of this once great nation? Our society is changing.  The ideals of our forefathers are no longer honored. The Christian ethics, morals and principles have been tossed aside.  Old fashioned family values are objects of scorn.  White people are viewed as the enemy.  As such, white students at universities are taught that the should feel guilty for being white.  Why?  Because of something called "White Privilege."  I don't really understand what white privilege is, so I can't really explain it to you.  You'll have to either go to a class on it, or have some college student explain it to you while the lectures are still fresh in his head.  The important thing to remember is that we are the bad people; we are the enemy of the future. No, we are not really the enemy, but that isn't important.  Neither is the fact that the constitutional republic was founded on the European Christian belief that we are creations of God, and that same God endowed us with certain, unalienable rights, and the federal government's primary duty is to protect those rights.  Not that it does that, anymore. Again, not important to today's generation, and it will be even less important to the next generation. There's a reason why white people and their culture is now the objects of scorn and ridicule.  America's traditional, Eurocentric culture has been all but destroyed.  Our traditional customs and courtesies, along with our Christian based understand of right and wrong, are concepts viewed as notions for the history books that are to be burned. Beside the fact that our children are being taught they should feel white guilt because of some privilege they'll never actually enjoy, consider the fact that the white majority of America is soon to be the white minority.  The ratio of white births to white deaths fell by 70 percent between 1999 and 2014.  Meanwhile, the Latino ratio is quite the opposite.  Factor in the last few decades of unchecked immigration from the south and the importation of Muslims since 9/11 and you can see the direction the nation is going. By 2050, the white population will be a minority compared the the rest of the races.  As a matter of fact, 2014 numbers show whites now only make up around 69 percent of the overall population and the vilification of the white race is already well under way.  Could it be stated that Keith Ellison as DNC chairman would be a sign that the Democrat party is looking beyond the 2016 elections and to the future?

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  1. December 6, 2016

    […] { googletag.display('PrepperForums_net_300x250_Postbit_RV_Forum'); }); Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman to Look Forward? – God Guns And Coffee If selected, would this be a case of the Democrat party leaning forward to the future? […]

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