Our Ally in the War on Terror Bans Christian TV Stations

The Christian post is reporting that Pakistan has banned all 11 Christian television stations and has arrested cable operators.  Now, I know you think I am making up a bunch of crap in order to smear a peaceful, Muslim nation.  Nope.  I don't have to make up the news as the news is bad enough: Pakistan Bans Christian Broadcasting So, tell me again how Pakistan was declared our ally in the War on Terror?"  I remember; George W. Bush declared them to be our ally, even though the madrassas were kicking out Islamists like Miller kicks out bottles of beer.  Never mind that bin Laden was not found in Afghanistan where we were told he was running his operation, but was reportedly found and killed in Pakistan.  Next to a military installation.  Unbeknownst to the Pakistani military or government.  Sure. Pakistan is one of those peaceful, Muslim countries where peaceful Muslims live in harmony with non-Muslims.  Must be so, as none of the news outlets report of heinous crimes being committed against non-Muslims in Pakistan.  So, I suppose this must be a bunch of garbage written by those evil, mean-spirited Christians, right?  Check out this site: Christian Persecution in Pakistan These people are not our friends, and neither is Pakistan's government.  Pakistan is not peaceful, either.  Not for the Christians in that nation.  Simply attending church can get a person dead in that country of "peaceful" Muslims.  Heck; one can find himself taking a beating for eating in the daytime at the wrong time of the year. We have nothing in common with these people or their government.  As a matter of fact, they and their government are a contradiction to our way of life and our way of thinking.  This being the case, explain this nonsense to me: U.S. Aid to Pakistan Shrinks to a BILLION a Year! That's right. It shrinks to just under a billion for FY 2016. Money given to people who do not like our way of life.  People who, in their country, would beat you for drinking out of a water fountain not designated for infidels only.  People who would firebomb your church.  People who would kidnap your daughter and force her to convert to Islam as the government did nothing about it. Now, let me ask you; would a billion dollars a year more to the V.A. help soldiers soldiers who are missing body parts due to the "War on Terror?"  Maybe it would rebuild a bridge or two of our crumbing infrastructure?  Maybe even applied to our staggering national debt?  Anywhere, but to a nation of people who see life in a totally different way than do We, the People. OK, Denton; get to the point!  OK.  I'll do that.  Pakistan is one evil place, and those who are Christian are persecuted.  Considering the sad shape of our own nation, why are we giving money to Pakistan?  As a matter of fact, why are we handing out money to any nation, let alone a nation that is totally against our way of life?  Consider the state of social security and medicare: SS Runs Dry in about 18 Years. Pakistan is but one nation of many that takes money from us, even though it is nothing like us and would rather we be more like them to the point that they'd strip us of our God given rights and make us dhimmis. http://www.jewishmag.com/57mag/dhimmi/dhimmi.htm Who is  more important?  Them or your friends and family?  Think about, and then call your congress-critters and the president.

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  1. November 23, 2016

    […] { googletag.display('PrepperForums_net_300x250_Postbit_RV_Forum'); }); Our Ally in the War on Terror, Bans Christian TV Stations – God Guns And Coffee They do this to their citizens, yet we give them foreign aid. Hidden Content "Reality is […]

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