Trump Blasts Media Execs In Meeting!

The New York Post reports that the media execs and top talking heads of the liberal propaganda machinery met with president-elect Trump at the Trump Tower.  It seems the pompous asses thought they were there to discuss what access they would have with the Trump administration.  Instead, the president-elect blasted them, explaining to them exactly what we already knew; they are nothing but a bunch of liars who should be ashamed of themselves. I would have given a month's pay to have been able to sit in on that little get-together. I suppose there has never been perfect journalism.  After all, journalists are human, and it is difficult for humans to disconnect from their own opinion and and bias.  That is just something that has to be factored into the equation whenever dealing with any human on any topic.  Today's journalism, however, does anything but strive to present all the facts and unbiased news to the public.  Those who are old enough to remember the Cold War and the days of the Soviet Union remembers the Soviet Union's official newspaper, Pravda.  We mocked and ridiculed the outrageous propaganda for writing anything but the truth.  Clearly, we owe an apology to the Pravda. Today's media outlets are not the same as the days when the constitution and the Bill of Rights were written.  Freedom of press was important to the founding fathers because they wanted the press to be able to write the truth, no matter what the government thought of it, so that the public would always be informed.  In those days, there were no corporate-owned papers.  Journalists had more integrity in those days.  If nothing else, they at least were even handed at digging up dirt on everyone without bias.  Today's idea of journalism is quite different.  Why is that?  Why is journalism so biased that even those who tend to agree with the politics of the news outlets agree the news outlets are not to be trusted?  Simple.  Money, influence and power: What we call the mainstream media is no longer the free press.  Not by a long shot.  As you saw in the link provided above this paragraph, Were you to take the time to do an internet search, you'd find a better breakdown of the corporations that own the major media outlets.  You'd also find the billionaires who own large pieces of the major media outlets.  Once you find the names of these people, you could then do a search and learn their personal views on what direction not only this nation but the world should go.  Once you do that, you'll never turn on the TV and watch the news or pick up a national news paper and read it without questioning every word of every article, ever again.  You will realize that everything you are told, everything you read, is provided to you for a purpose, and that purpose has nothing to do with telling you the truth.  You are not being told what is happening, you are being told what to think.  You are being told one side of every story, and the stories you are being told are the stories "they" want you to know.  That is to say, everything you hear and think is what someone else wants to be your thoughts and opinions. All of this is why it warmed the cockles of my heart to read this article about Trump giving the what's what to the media execs who worked so diligently against him and for the Queen of Evil.  OK.  I don't know what a cockle is, but I am sure they are warmed by this story:

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