Whose Fault That The Kids Are Protesting?

stockfresh_3987757_revolution_sizexsRather than being in school, the kids are protesting.  We are not only seeing college students protesting, but we see high schools emptying as the students go out in the streets to protest against president-elect Donald J. Trump.  What in the world is going on with this country? While the major cities voted for Hillary Clinton, those of us who make up the group referred to as the forgotten or the fly-over people carried the electoral day.  For years, we have watched the professional politicians speak one way but govern in a totally different way.  We've watched our jobs leave the country and unemployment get so out of control that the official unemployment stats appear to get better only because the unemployed fell off the rolls as they gave up. Meanwhile, the government does nothing to stop the waves of illegal aliens pour across the southern border. As if that wasn't bad enough, the government has brought thousands of people they call "refugees" from Muslim nations where the government felt the need to involve itself in the name of the "War on Terror."  We, the Forgotten People, conducted our own revolution by peaceably elected who we viewed as an outsider; someone we viewed as anti-Establishment.  We decided we would Make America Great Again. Little did we know as we gleefully watched the returns roll in, giving the Oval Office to the man we deemed the last hope for the republic, a counter revolution was brewing.  While we cheerily watched the news media's talking heads get teary over Clinton's loss and entertainment celebrities have profanity laced meltdowns on YouTube, trouble was brewing.  Protests flared up, and paid instigators were bused into cities to rile up those who were upset that the Entitled Diva lost the election.  Schools let our kids out of class so they could participate in protests while also providing counselors, coloring books and Playdough so they could work through their "trauma."  All the while, we spit through our teeth and blame everyone from drug-addled  entertainers, mainstream propaganda makers and the schools systems for the youth's inability to see through all the garbage.  In the end, are we looking to place blame on the wrong people? When everything is running smoothly, We, the Adults, are more than happy to allow the youth be guided and molded by their favorite teachers and movie stars.  We never take the time to hear the lyrics of the music they are hearing and we certainly don't have time to attend a PTO meeting or scan their school test books.  By saying when everything is running smoothly, I mean when our own personal agendas and schedules are left unhindered.  All the while, as our careers and hobbies seemed to be right on course, our children were being stolen.  While we assumed the kids were learning history and civics, they were being programmed to be good little, rebellious socialists who have no desire to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers.  The failures of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were intentionally omitted from the classroom.  Individual duties and responsibilities were far removed from discussion.  In their steads, the children, our future, were being taught not how to think but what to think, all the while being prompted to believe their thoughts and opinions were as worthy as their parents' thoughts and opinions.  All the while, we thought things were running smoothly. Had we adults been disciplined enough to do our jobs, we would have been monitoring what our children were stuffing into their heads.  We would have been the final authority on what they kids watched on TV or listened to on their headsets.  We would have known what they were learning in school, and we would have, en mass, stormed the doors of the schools when the school systems started to turn our children into what they are, today.  Instead, we allowed others to mold our children as if they were not even our children! Spit and cuss, rant and rave, but when you finally exhaust yourself, come to the realization that We, the Selfish generation, are responsible for the They, the New Socialists generation.  We weren't there for them when they needed us, but the Enemy welcomed them with open arms. If we pull out of this tailspin, you'd better give the glory to a merciful and forgiving God. If we do not, we can all blame ourselves for not cherishing and protecting that which our forefathers gave us.

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    […] }); Be careful when you point the finger!Whose Fault That The Kids Are Protesting? – God Guns And Coffee Our forefathers would be sickened. Hidden Content "Reality is almost always wrong." Dr. […]

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