Melania and Barron To Remain in New York City?

The New York Times is reporting that Melania Trump and Barron, the Trumps' youngest son, will be remaining in NYC, for the time being. Melania and Barron to Stay in NYC There is no doubt in my mind that if this is accurate, the left stream media is going to be all over this like ants on a donut.  Why wouldn't they?  The loony left media, even though it is losing credibility with the public by the day, can't seem to help aiming for its own foot with the largest gun it can find.  Me?  I think this move is a good one, and I think it sets a good example for the country. Donald Trump's adult children are poised, intelligent and articulate.  They are instrumental to the Trump business and were huge assets in his bid for the White House.  One might argue over Trump for numerous reasons, but one can't argue over his success at rearing children. I find admirable that the first family is placing ten year old Barron's welfare above the convenience of having the family live under the same roof.  We can all imagine how disruptive the campaign has been for him.  We all saw the little guy on stage election night, going through the motions but clearly late for bed.  I'd say he's done enough for this year, and getting his routine back to normal is the best thing they can do for him.  They have several months to find a good school in D.C. for him, so it seems prudent that Melania and Barron remain in NYC so that he can at least finish out this year in the school he is currently attending. It seems to me the first family elect is setting an example a lot of people in this country should follow.  Our children are not an afterthought.  They are not accoutrements for the household.  They are our future, and they require more than just afterthought.  They require our attention and our guidance. What do you want to bet that Melania even knows what is being taught to Barron?  How many of our fellow countrymen can say that about their children's education?

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