The Founders Had a Reason for the Process!

white-house-smallPeople seem to be pro and con when it comes to the electoral college; it all depends on whether it goes their way.  I can understand that people are disappointed when their candidate is not the winner, but what I can't understand is when they decide that their way is more important than the constitution which was penned by people who were head and shoulders more intelligent and learned than today's politicians. Our government was not designed to be a democracy as the ill-informed along with the aspiring tyrants would have us believe; it was designed to be a constitutional republic.  The federal government's role was clearly outlined in the constitution, and everything beyond its specific duties and responsibilities were left up to the states and the individuals.  That is to say, the states were viewed as much more than subsidiaries of an all-powerful and overruling federal government.  It was also designed the way it was so that an ill-informed populace could not be swayed to hand over its rights and liberty to a power-hungry federal government that will promise the moon if only the people would hand over their freedom and wealth. Already, we have already tinkered with the design.  Originally, the states' citizens were to elect their state politicians, and the states' legislators were supposed to decide who will represent the state governments in the federal senate.  The 17th amendment took that out of the hands of the state governments and placed it into the hands of the states' citizens.  Did this give the people power they didn't already have?  No.  The House of Representatives were for the individuals; all it did was take away the state governments' representation in D.C.  That was a bad move as it moved us farther away from a constitutional republic and closer to a democracy.  Why is that bad?  Who do you think understands the overall needs of an individual state; the state's legislators or individuals who are unaware of what state governments are facing? Between the 17th amendment and the federal government directly taxing the individual citizens of the states, the state governments have been placed in a subordinate position to the federal government in a manner not wanted by the founding fathers. The last bulwark standing between any remnants of a constitutional republic and a democracy is the electoral college.  The electoral college insures the citizens of the smaller states have a say in who is to be the president.  While the states with larger populations have more electoral votes, the collective of the smaller states can impact who will be the president. Were it not for the electoral college the collective will of the large cities would dictate policy to the rest of the country. Were you to look at a map breaking down the results of the 2016 presidential election, you'd realize that the large population centers would have determined, if even by just a fraction of a percent of the overall popular vote, the direction of the entire nation for the next four years. It should be quite clear to anyone, whether they be conservative or liberal, that the electoral college is needed to protect the nation from runaway sentiment, greed, or mass insanity.  Remember that the next time someone, regardless of their political leaning or party affiliation, tries to tell you the electoral college is antiquated and outdated.  While a good slap to the head might bring the unwanted attention of the police to your front door, telling the person they are ill-informed and that they should turn off the television and pick up a good civics book will do nothing but hurt their feelings.  Sure, it isn't as satisfying, but it will save you grief in the long run.

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