Bernie, The Democrat Message is Wrong. You’ll Never Connect With Us!

Dear Mr. Sanders, I read you are feeling angst with the Democrat party because your party can't seem to connect with the "white working class" voters.  I understand your anxiety.  Even with the ballots of illegal immigrants, dead people and the multiple ballots cast by Democrat voters, Hillary still couldn't bring home the bacon for the party (or her Saudi financial backers).  If I may, I'd like to help you understand. It is we "deplorables," as Hillary called us, those of us who "cling to our Bibles and our guns," as Barack called us, who do not connect with you or your party's message.  Attempting to repackage the message won't help your cause.  We have reached the point where we clearly see through the lies, and we see where the Democrat party wants to take the nation. Now, if you really want your party to have a chance of representing us, here are some things you need to take to heart. We are about sick and tired of the Democrat party's propensity for dividing the nation.  Yes, we are different colors, but pandering to this race or that race is wearing thin.  Stop with the race card crap.  Last we checked, we are legally equal, and are all Americans.  We Deplorables would like to be viewed as equal as those you try and paint as being victims.  As a matter of fact, all you do when you call a group of people victims is get it into their heads that they are, in fact, victims. In doing so, you make them act like paralyzed victims, reliant solely on the government instead of making a way for themselves.  Surely, the Democrat party isn't trying to build a solid voter base by making them the victim, is it?  That would be evil. Mr. Sanders, whether we are employees of others or are aspiring businessmen ourselves, we are sick and tired of this nation's ability to prosper due to restricting regulations that are created by un-elected bureaucrats.  Yes, Mr. Sanders; we notice how businesses have left the country for more business-friendly countries while more and more of our countrymen are left, unemployed.  Of course, the regulations make sure no new businesses can prosper, leaving the already established but now overseas businesses to send back into America products that used to be made by Americans.  That is to say, competition is stifled and your party's corporate donors are not bothered with new competition.  For the last eight years, a Democrat has occupied the Oval Office.  Do we now have less regulations, or do we have more? Mr. Sanders, what do you think of today's society?  To some of us, all we see when we look around is vulgarity and filth, and it is your party that seems to glorify it.  In this atmosphere that has been created by the liberals of mainly your party, bakers and florists have lost their businesses and have been sued because they stood on their religious principles.  The sanctity of marriage, a Godly institution, has been mocked with the notion that two people of the same sex can enter into "holy" matrimony.  Perverts are welcome in the opposite sex's public restrooms.  In some school systems, homosexuality is taught to children as young as kindergarten.  Meanwhile, those of us who haven't lost or sense of morality (or our minds) are ridiculed as being intolerant, and Christianity is mocked at every turn.  No, Mr. Sanders; your party is not going to reach out to the decent people of this nation while furthering the destructive goals of the social degenerates. Speaking of society as well as our jobs, would you bother to tell us bitter, clinging, Deplorables how we will benefit by the flooding of our nation with unbridled immigration of people of other cultures?  Any sociologist worth his salt would tell you such immigration is disruptive to the indigenous culture.  Not only is is socially disruptive, it also creates competition for jobs - jobs that just are not here.  Do you really think we can afford to have our own countrymen without work while your party allows an invasion of illegal immigrants flood our nation? Yet, you think your party just isn't reaching out to us in the right way? Oh, and one more thing.  Your party is the party of no when it comes to our God given rights.  No to Christianity, no to dissent to your party's agenda, and no to our right to keep and bear arms.  Were your party to have its way, my gun safe would be picked up with all its contents and taken to a smelter, I'd be locked up for speaking to someone about Jesus, and this blog would be shut down.  Heck, I'd probably be fined and imprisoned simply for having a dissenting opinion.  Sounds a bit more like Communist China than it does the nation our founding fathers built. Do you really think we working class people are good with this? Mr. Sanders, you have it backward.  The Democrat party shouldn't try harder to reach out to us; your party should stop, realize what and who we are, and get with our program. By the way, Mr. Sanders; do not keep this message to yourself.  Feel free to tell it to the Republican party, in case Trump's victory didn't make it clear to them and the rest of the Establishment.  We are sick and tired of all the crap we've been given for decades, and we are starting to awaken. Yours Truly,

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