Free Speech on Social Media? Don’t Bet On It.

Copy of speech The tech giants have promised to move on "hate speech" within 24 hours of reporting, according to this Bloomberg article.  They claim this is to help combat terrorism, so why do I have a problem with this?  Simply because I see this more of an assault on free speech more than anything else. What brought about this new, act within 24 hours of reporting policy, is a lawsuit filed by some European, My Feelings Are Hurt groups against Twitter, Facebook and Google.  Their complaint is that they report what they feel is hate speech that incites violence, but social media doesn't delete the offending content fast enough. One of the offending items that, with its removal, would assist in the fight against terrorism, is a Facebook comment that states, "Homosexuals are disgusting."  Now, you might believe as I do that homosexuality is an abomination and goes against the basic order of God's design, or you might believe that it is a perfectly acceptable "alternative lifestyle;" either way, you should see that the statement is not one backing terrorism. So, what is the point?  Is it that politically incorrect speech is now hate speech, and hate speech is automatically speech that promotes terrorism?  How is it that suggest homosexuals speech that promotes terrorism?  Is this a call to arms for the purpose of murdering homosexuals?  I don't think so. So, where does all this lead?  What is the end goal?  Is it to combat violence and terrorism, or is it to combat and eliminate dissent against the erosion of Christianity and its ethics, morals and values? It is my position that the goal is not to fight terrorism, but to make the world "safe" from free speech being exercised by those who have not forgotten the difference between right and wrong.  Furthermore, I see a day when writing such as mine is not just buried deep in the search engines where they are not found by a searcher, but social commentators such as me are fined or imprisoned for daring to speak their position.  You may think that sounds crazy, but did you ever imagine a day when a U.S. president would threaten to withhold money from public school systems that do not allow boys to go into the girls' bathrooms? No, my friends; this isn't about combating terrorism.  This is about preventing politically incorrect people from exercising free speech.  It is only wrapped in the cause of combating terrorism and violence.

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