The Real Motive Behind the Public Bathroom Transgender Stir

imageOf all things, public bathrooms have been in the national discussion, lately.  Should transgender people be allowed to pick and choose which restroom is right for them?  Do Americans have the right to protect their loved ones from predators stalking their wives and daughters in the restrooms?  Is it a right of a man to enter the female bathroom, or is it a violation of a basic social code of decency?

That this is even a national discussion proves just how far in decline this nation truly is.  The decline isn't by accident, though. A nation is only as healthy as its society, and a healthy society is not one that is easily overcome by a government attempting to grab as much power as possible.  A weak and deviant society, on the other hand, not only can't resist federal encroachment but needs the iron fist of a powerful government. The founding fathers made it clear this was created to be a Christian nation.  It was understood that the God of the Bible is our Creator, and our Creator endowed us with certain, unalienable rights, and these rights were not to be taken by the government because our Creator is a higher authority.  As long as society understood this to be self-evident and expected the government to govern in such manner, liberty was secure. The last few decades have brought a steady decline in this nation's understanding of not only morality, and our understanding of our nation's traditional norms, mores and even taboos has been warped to the point that something as simple as which public bathroom is right for a man.  To make matters worse, president Obama is threatening to withhold federal money from states that do not allow boys to go into the girls' bathrooms in public schools. It is easy to view this as a stand alone situation, but it isn't.  It is part of a larger agenda to destroy our nation's understanding of right and wrong so that we will lose sight of Who endowed us with our unalienable rights.  Once we lose understanding of the "laws of nature and nature's God," we will embrace the notion that the government is the highest authority and can rule us as it sees fit.  That is to say, freedom will be replaced with tyranny, and the people will even come to embrace it. The good news is there are still people who cling to their Bibles as well as their guns, and they are willing to take a stand.  While the department store, Target, is still sticking to embracing the notion of allowing deviants and predators stalk their restrooms, the American public has responded by causing its publicly traded stock to drop from $83.50/share to $67.13/share in a month.  Six hours after Hampden-Sydney College fired decorated Army hero Lt. General (ret) Jerry Boykin after he stated, "The first man that goes into the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery," the college administration decided to renew his contract for another year.  There is no doubt this decision was reversed due to public pressure as well as phone calls from financially supporting alumni.  Not only does that mean there are still plenty of people who refuse to surrender to the enemy in the culture war, but these people win battles. The bathroom war is only a part of the overall culture war meant to destroy this nation's Christian heritage so that freedom will be replaced with tyranny.  Just remember, however; just as the God of the Bible is our Creator, Satan of that same book is the destroyer.  Behind the scenes, it is Satan who is the ultimate "man behind the curtain."  Continue to cling to your guns and your Bibles, stay firm in your beliefs and do not give an inch.  It is much more difficult to regain any inch given to the enemy.

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